About our Restaurant

In the vibrant heart of Chicago, a young Ahmed Siyaji found more than just a home. Adopted by the radiant Noorjehan Killedar, together they discovered a shared haven in the kitchen. Their bond was flavored not only by the recipes they crafted but also by the unique culinary infusions that mirrored their own intertwined journeys.


When the world dimmed with Noorjehan's passing in January of 2023, Ahmed felt an overwhelming drive to carry forward their shared legacy. In her memory, and as a tribute to their indomitable spirit, he set out to bring their dream to life beyond the borders of Chicago.


Today, we are thrilled to present this heartfelt concept to the lively city of Dallas. Every dish tells a story of family, passion, and the rich tapestry of connections that define us. As you savor each bite, we hope you feel the love and memories that shaped them, and that they resonate deeply, touching your soul as they have ours.